Top 10 Greatest Clubs of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Clubs of All Time

Every season, great teams emerge in international football. It’s just a normal part of life in today’s game; someone is constantly doing something great, with exceptional skill. But every now and again, a squad emerges that is genuinely exceptional. Their play is breathtaking, their achievements and trophies become legendary, and their names will definitely be carved in the annals of history. These are the teams we’re looking at. The teams who are still remembered with reverence, whose skill has elevated them to the ranks of the top 10 greatest clubs of all time.

Kispest Honved AC, 1953

Kispest Honved AC, 1953
Kispest Honved AC, 1953

When the military took over the Hungarian team Kispest FC in Budapest, they promptly recruited all of the top players from other clubs, thereby creating an active roster for the Hungarian national squad. What a group that was! Leading the way are scorers Ferenc Puskas and Sandor Kocsis, midfielder Zoltan Czibor, midfield Laszlo Budai, and goalkeepers Gyula Lorant and Gyula Grosics.

The Mighty Magyars rode roughshod over most of Europe and drove English team Wolverhampton Wanderers to the verge of loss, and would have if Wolves manager Stan Cullis hadn’t had the ground flooded to prevent Honved from deploying their precise deliveries to full effect. It worked, as the Hungarians lost 3-2 in 1953, not before cementing themselves as Europe’s dominating power. Unfortunately, it would not endure, as the Hungarian government crumbled in 1956, scattering the Honved players to the winds, never to win a European Cup.

Chelsea 2004-05

In their first full season under Jose Mourinho, the Blues finally broke through in 2004-05. They won the Premier League championship by commanding 12 points over 2nd Arsenal. With goalkeeper Peter Cech at the pinnacle of his abilities, defenders John Terry, Glen Johnson, Ricardo Carvalho, and William Gallas; midfielders Joe Cole, Damien Duff, Arjen Robben, and a suddenly reinvigorated Claude Makelele; and forward the Didier Drogba and a still threatening Eiour Guojohnsen, this Chelsea team remains the most successful of all time, winning the Premiership, the Carling Cup.

Real Madrid, 1998

Real Madrid would win the European Cup in 1997-98, due to a star-studded roster that included Clarence Seedorf, Christian Panucci, Roberto Carlos, and Raul.

That season, they won the Champions League for the seventh time, as well as the Intercontinental Cup, confirming themselves as the finest team in the world. While Madrid struggled in La Liga, few clubs can equal their international domination, notably during the 1997-98 season.

Glasgow Celtic, 1966-67

This squad, popularly known as “The Lisbon Lions,” is the most successful in Scottish football history, which is no minor achievement. Celtic won the Scottish League championship, the Scottish Cup, and the Scottish League Cup in 1966-67, but they had bigger goals.

Celtic, coached by Jock Stein and having a five-man front line, developed a fast-paced, broad style that was both entertaining to watch and aesthetically beautiful. However, they faced a stiff test in the European Championship games in Lisbon against defensively oriented Inter Milan, a club predicted to win the trophy.

Manchester United, 2007-08

Manchester United, 2007-08
Manchester United, 2007-08

The Premiership competition in 2007-08 came mainly from two teams: Manchester United and Chelsea. Manchester United won the EPL title on the final day of the season, powered by an extraordinary attacking force that included Carlos Tevez, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Wayne Rooney.

They came second in both the FA & League Cups, but a thrilling triumph over Chelsea in the Champions League final helped to alleviate their disappointment. They went on to become Club Global Cup world champions and were eventually regarded as one of the finest, deepest United sides in history.

Hamburger SV, 1982-83: Top 10 Greatest Clubs of All Time

HSV was the dominant power in German football from 1976 to 1983, reaching the zenith of brilliance with a European Cup (the forerunner of the Champions League) championship in 1983.

National sensation Felix Nagath led Hamburger SV to the League title, the European Cup triumph, and a runner-up place in the European Cup Final. They also won the International Cup in 1983 and had one of the game’s lesser-known coaches in Ernst Contains valuable information. Our squad is the underappreciated EC champion, but they are more than deserving of a position on this list.

Boca Juniors, 2005

Boca has had numerous outstanding teams throughout the years, most notably during in the Diego Maradona period in the early 1980s. Few teams, however, could surpass the 2003 squad’s local or international triumph. After winning the championship, Boca set its eyes on the Cup Libertadores, South America’s version of the Champions League, which it won comfortably.

As if that wasn’t enough, Boca also won the Intercontinental Cup, defeating AC Milan to become global champions. Boca are still regarded as one of the finest sides of the decade, if not all time, thanks to a youthful Carlos Tevez off of the bench, Matias Donnet in the middle, and a solid defense behind them.

Manchester United, 1993-94

While this Manchester United installment pales in contrast to some of the others on this list, it is included because of the club’s history and tremendous quality. The Red Devils won their first league title since 1967 in 1993-94, as well as the first double in club history, capturing the Premier and the FA Cup. United came close to completing the domestic triple, but were beaten in the Champions League Final by Aston Villa.

The foundation of this Manchester United side may have been one of the most successful in history, with midfielders Nigel Giggs, Paul Ince, Andrei Kanchelski, and Lee Sharpe, strikers Eric Cantona and Mark Hughes, holding midfielder Roy Keane, and goalkeeper Peter Schmiel.

Sao Paolo, 1993

Sao Paolo, 1993
Sao Paolo, 1993: Top 10 Greatest Clubs of All Time

Few clubs in the world could equal the early 1990s success of Brazilian powerhouse Sao Paulo. During the 1993 season, Sao Paulo reached the zenith of its capabilities under famous head coach Tele Santana.

While they did not win the Brazilian National title (the rules seem to modify each year to best suit a certain team’s desires, making it difficult to win), Sao Paulo won almost every other contest they entered, such as the Supercopa Sudamerica, Recopa Sudamerica, Copa Libertadores, and Intercontinental Cup. Sao Paulo’s reign of supremacy on the international stage, led by superstar player Rai and goalie Zetti, will not be easily reproduced, particularly in South America.

Arsenal, 1930

The Gunners were unquestionably the dominant power in English football in the 1930s. Arsenal controlled the English football scene under managers Herbert Chapman, Joe Shaw, and George Allison, winning the FA Cup in 1930 & 1938 and the champions league in 1931-32, 1932-33, 1933-34, 1934-35, and 1936-37.

The Gunners were headed by talents Alex James and Cliff Bastin, who were enticed to Highbury by the prospect of increased pay. The club’s fortunes dipped after WWII, and while they’ve enjoyed some success since then, old-timers still wax lyrical about this era of brilliance.


Above are the top 10 greatest clubs of all time. Hope the article is useful to readers.


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