The of the best hot chocolates across the United States


As comforting as powdered cocoa may be, the new class of high intensity hot chocolate drinks gives a cacao rush akin to eating truffles or a luscious chocolate desser Alessandra Bulow. This winter weather may finally stick. And what better way to get all warm and cozy than with a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Kate Donnelly rounds up the best across the U.S. Let find out The of the best hot chocolates across the United States below.

The of the best hot chocolates across the United States

Maman, NYC

This chic French bakery or café in Soho draws crowds, thanks to its addictive Lavender Hot Chocolate steamed milk infused with dried lavender that’s blended with dark chocolate. Maman is so popular, it’s opening outposts in Tribeca and Greenpoint later this year.

The of the best hot chocolates across the United States

In the wintertime, chocolate is best served hot

Hot chocolate has been getting a lot of attention lately, what with hot cocoa bombs and hot chocolate charcuterie boards taking over Instagram and TikTok. But it’s a drink that has been enjoyed for millennia by civilizations in Mesoamerica. Once chocolate was brought to Europe by Spanish colonists, chocolate took the world by storm. Today it’s still one of the world’s most desired desserts, and when it comes to hot chocolate, chefs have gotten really creative. Here are some of the best hot chocolates across the country.

The of the best hot chocolates across the United States

Kakawa Chocolate House – Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sipping spiced hot drinking chocolate is a tradition that stretches back to the Aztec, Mayan and Olmec people, all of whom believed that chocolate was a food of the Gods. In fact, kakawa is the Olmec word for chocolate or cacao. Kakawa in Santa Fe has a line of hot drinking chocolates called elixirs in a variety of flavors that are inspired by pre
Columbian recipes. As well as recipes from around the globe during an era when chocolate was first introduced. In addition to elixirs with flowers and chilis, there’s Italian Citrus, French Lavender, and a Jeffersonian drinking chocolate crafted from a recipe by Thomas Jefferson.

Kakawa Chocolate House - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Shane Confectionery – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shane Confectionery in Old City Philadelphia is an old-timey candy shop making some of history’s finest confections. In addition to classics like clear toy candies, licorice and old-fashioned cookies, they’ve recently released hot chocolate bombs in the shape of one of Philadelphia’s most iconic symbols: The Liberty Bell.
Like all of their candies, the Incredi Bell Chocolate Bomb is made with high quality ingredients, tempered to perfection, and is filled with housemade vanilla marshmallows. They’re very popular, and because they’re made with care, the Incredi Bell Chocolate Bombs go fast. But not to worry their Shane Signature Hot Chocolate and Shane House Drinking Chocolate, both made with dark cacao sourced from Tanzania, are always a deligh.

Shane Confectionery - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Little Nell  – Aspen, Colorado

After a day of skiing in Aspen, nothing can be cozier than sipping on a rich hot chocolate. The Little Nell is a luxury hotel with stunning views of Aspen Mountain, and though their year round accommodations are certainly the main draw, their craft hot chocolate is a sweet addition. The drink comes with housemade marshmallows and, if you’d like, you can even add a shot of liqueur for an extra dose of warmth in your hot cocoa.

The of the best hot chocolates across the United States

Christopher Elbow – Kansas City, Missouri

All of the chocolates at Christopher Elbow are luscious, and the same goes for their hot chocolates. They offer a variety of hot chocolates you can make at home and ship around the country, but the hot chocolates they make at their in store locations are so unique and satisfying. Their in store exclusive flavors include a fruit raspberry hot chocolate blend, white cinnamon, and a rich and aromatic coconut curry.

Christopher Elbow - Kansas City, Missouri

Popbar – Multiple locations

Popbar’s concept is simple every treat you could ever desire on a stick. It’s a clever idea that has made its way across North America and into Portugal. Similar to hot chocolate bombs, all you have to do is add hot milk to bring your hot chocolate beverage to life. Part of the fun is in the theatrics, but what makes people love Popbar’s hot chocolate on stick so much is that it’s simply delicious. That is once of The of the best hot chocolates across the United States.

The of the best hot chocolates across the United States