The Most Inspiring Libraries Around the World

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There are hundreds of thousands of libraries around the globe. Some are ancient architectural marvels with ceilings adorned with frescos and entrances guarded by marble statues, while others possess quite different but nonetheless impressive characteristics.
Several stand out amongst the rest though for their continual ability to truly inspire us. These are some of those libraries. Let’s exploce The Most Inspiring Libraries Around the World below.

The Most Inspiring Libraries Around the World

Taipei Public Library, Taiwan

The Taipei Public Library in the Beitou District received the diamond level EEWH green certification: the first building in Taiwan to obtain this prestigious certification. It opened in 2006 and was built with the environment in mind. The roof was designed in such a way as to drain water to collection reservoirs, which are then used for flushing the toilets and watering the foliage.
The roof is also outfitted with solar panels to generate electricity for the library and there are special window and balcony coverings that help lower energy consumption, among several other impressive earth friendly features.

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Library of Birmingham, England

The Library of Birmingham was completed in September of 2013 and has been opened to the public since. With well over one million books, thousands of periodicals and subscriptions, and more than three million check outs a year, the Library of Birmingham is a highly prized public amenity. The facade of the multi layered building, which includes a Shakespeare Memorial Room on the top, is covered in an intricate pattern of 5,357 metal rings.

The Most Inspiring Libraries Around the World

Biblioteca Joanina, Portugal

The Biblioteca Joanina is part of the University of Coimbra and is prized as its most gorgeous building. It was built between 1717 and 1728 through the sponsorship of King John V. The library’s design demonstrates components of classic Baroque architecture and is made up of three floors.
The bottom floor was an academic prison until 1773. The library is adorned with intricate ceiling painting, exotic carved wood, stunning archways, Chinese motifs, and other lavished details. The library also has a population of resident bats that come out at night to exterminate any bugs that have made their way into the library.


Villanueva Public Library, Colombia

The creation and construction of the Villanueva Public Library in Colombia is truly inspiring in and of itself. Four architects based in Bogotá designed the 16,000 square foot library with the helping hands of ex-Guerillas from the local community who are part of a rehabilitation program.
The library was built using locally sourced river rock, which covers the facade, and sustainably sourced pine. Villanueva also contains a children’s library, a theater, and an outdoor public space. Inside and out, Villanueva is an intricate masterpiece built with the simplest materials.

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National Library of Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Approximately nine million items are contained in the National Library of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Ranking seventh in size amongst all other libraries around the world, it features a 19th-century collection of tens of thousands of photographs that, due to their significance, are on the register of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. This is once of The Most Inspiring Libraries Around the World.
The fantastically ornate building has its origins in an earthquake that took place in Lisbon in 1755, which led to a lot of the collections contained within the Portuguese city’s Royal Library being transported all the way to Brazil. The South American facility was founded in 1810, but its current incarnation which showcases elements of the neoclassical and Art Nouveau styles was inaugurated exactly a century later.

0200 years Biblioteca Nacional in Rio de Janeiro city

New York Public Library, New York

The New York Public Library system is comprised of 92 branches, however the main branch, or Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, is a place that will inspire the imagination, the inquisitive mind, and the life long learner.
There’s a children’s center, a scholars and writers center, a rare book division, extensive study and reading space, and regular after hours cultural events. There are somewhere around 53 million items for review and check out at the New York Public Library. It is the second largest library in the United States.

The Most Inspiring Libraries Around the World

The Morgan Library and Museum, United States

Located in the heart of New York City, this landmark includes a library, museums, performance halls, and is home to financier JP Morgan’s private book collection. The bronzed bookcases in the library also hold the original manuscripts of Sir Walter Scott and Honoré de Balzac. It is also home to a large collection of prints, drawings, and incunabula of European artists such as Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt to name a few.

The Most Inspiring Libraries Around the World