Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Birmingham

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Birmingham is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and visitor numbers are rapidly on the rise year on year. Below we’ve outlined reasons why we think you should definitely visit Birmingham, including its world class venues and historical areas to explore. Let’s exploce Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Birmingham below.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Birmingham


Birmingham’s science museum features ten themed interactive galleries exploring past, present and future. There’s the world’s oldest working steam engine, exhibitions on space exploration, planetarium and galleries dedicated to the people, inventions and manufacturing of Birmingham. The outdoor Science Garden also provides a family friendly interactive discovery and play area.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Birmingham

The Heritage

The Black Country was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Abraham Darby, considered the father of the Industrial Revolution was born in Dudley. It was here that the first steam engine, the Newcomen, was built and where the iron and steel industries of the Midlands were forged. Built in 1828, the Stourbridge Lion was the very first steam locomotive to run in the USA and one of the very first to operate outside of Britain.
Walsall was also the centre of the country’s leather industry while Stourbridge led the nation’s glassmaking. July 14 has been named Black Country Day as it was on 14th July, 1712 that the Newcomen Engine was invented.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Birmingham

Robert Plant

Born in West Bromwich, Plant formed Led Zeppelin, unquestionably the world’s most famous hard rock band. Following their demise, Plant forged a hugely successful solo career, exploring folk, world and country music. Still living locally, he’s known to pop up unexpectedly in pubs for guest spots with local bands.

The epicentre of Birmingham’s canal network is a thing of beauty

You’re right to be surprised when we say the heart of Birmingham’s canal network flows right through the city centre and contains some stunning gems when you walk along the towpaths. There’s plenty to do along the pathways in the city centre including pit stops at a number of canalside bars like The Flapper and The Malt House, or you could do a spot of shopping at the Mailbox. The canals also run adjacent to the main Cross City train line, which leads to other areas of the city like University and Bournville.

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Birmingham has some pretty good music venues

Birmingham houses some wonderful independent music venues, from the likes of The Sunflower Lounge through to the Hare & Hounds and The Flapper. If it’s international acts you’re after, try the Barclaycard Arena, Town Hall & Symphony Hall and the Genting Arena, all of whom regularly host some of the world’s biggest stars.

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Birmingham’s restaurants are pretty hard to beat

At the time of writing, Birmingham has 5 Michelin starred restaurants which is more than anywhere else outside of London. Simpsons in Edgbaston, Carters in Moseley, Turners in Harborne alongside Adam’s and Purnell’s in the city centre are all critically acclaimed and deserving of their stars. With other independent restaurants like The Wilderness and Original Patty Men receiving rave reviews from those who dine in them, you’re really spoilt for choice.

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The Mailbox

Home to BBC Radio WM and the place where fashionistas flaunt their credit cards, then chill out at one of the ultra trendy cafe bars and restaurants overlooking the canals from where you can gaze at the architectural splendour of The Cube with its glittering gold and glass jewellery box design.

Invent your own cocktail

It’s hard to deny that the country has gone a little bit gin mad. Ahead of the curve, Bitters ‘n Twisted took an old pub in the Colmore Business District and made it into The Jekyll and Hyde back in 2009.
Split across two floors, Mr Hyde’s Afternoon Tea is served downstairs, but it’s Mr Jekyll’s Gin Parlour, found up a narrow creaky staircase, that’s the star of the show. This Victorian inspired drinking hole certainly feels old with its dark wood, seemingly ancient carpet and small yet very well stocked bar, but that only adds to the atmosphere. Here, you can take part in Cocktail Chemistry a gin cocktail making masterclass that’s the perfect group night out and offers a surprising and interesting insight into the history of the UK’s beloved spirit.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Birmingham