The 10 Surprising Benefits Of Reading Not Everyone Knows

Surprising Benefits Of Reading

Reading has always been a useful habit that many people love, but besides providing knowledge, there are many Surprising Benefits Of Reading. After much scientific research. our team introduces to you 10 Surprising Benefits Of Reading in this article.

The 10 Surprising Benefits Of Reading Not Everyone Knows

1. Improve knowledge

Surprising Benefits Of Reading

Does anyone know how many books there are in the world, does anyone have a complete list of published books about what knowledge? Books are an inexhaustible source of knowledge about all areas of the lives of those who have written, recounted, and communicated to us. Books on economics, history, and culture give us knowledge about business and social reality, about the development through each period of mankind.

All contain a source of concise knowledge, the quintessence of human culture. After reading the book, you will know why when burning gasoline, you should not put out the fire with water, or should not speak up, interfere in other people’s affairs even though you have good intentions and want to help, etc. Read books no matter how much or how Reading about any field you will get experiences, no one is sure that reading books is not necessarily successful, but people who are very successful are eager to read books.

2. Improve concentration and strengthen thinking and analytical skills

When reading a book, your whole mind and senses are focused on your eyes to follow each word, line by line. The hand flips through each page and in the head focuses on the knowledge that the book is referring to or thinks to follow the next development of the story without having to care about everything around it, just the brain and eyes work.

With good and useful books on your field of interest, readers devour each page without taking their eyes off, this is a way to train high concentration of the mind and at the same time read it yourself. thinking and analyzing the story. Therefore, the time you follow to read a good book is also when you are training your concentration and analytical thinking ability very well.

3. Vocabulary is expanded through reading books

Surprising Benefits Of Reading

My vocabulary has increased, and communicating with people in an open and attractive way is one of the great Surprising Benefits Of Reading brings. The knowledge in the book is expressed very concisely, the logic is easy to understand and equally attractive to the readers. So the more you read, the more knowledge you will gain and learn how to express and tell logical stories that attract listeners thanks to your ability to think with impressive rich vocabulary. At the same time, my writing skills have also improved significantly.

4. Improve memory

When you read a book, you have to keep in mind the characters, information about them, ambitions, history, nuances, or circumstances that shape the way of life through each story. It may be a bit much, but gradually the brain will remember all thanks to practice over time. Like a habit, repeated many times you will immediately get used to memorizing it. Miraculously, each new memory causes the brain to create new wrinkles and reinforce old ones, aiding in recall and emotional balance. Interestingly, right?

5. Reading is a form of entertainment, reducing stress

There are many types of books from novels, psychological psychology to jokes, stories about the life of an interesting person…these titles are not too much knowledge and you don’t need to think too much to have them. can be understood as detective stories or books on economics. They entertain you and bring laughter and refreshment thanks to their witty, natural but genuine writing style. At this point, you just need to feel and feel like a person standing outside witnessing an attractive, entertaining movie. There are times to let the emotions of happiness and anger drop into the story.

6. Mental stimulation

Surprising Benefits Of Reading

Studies have shown that reading is mentally stimulating. Mental stimulation helps slow down (or maybe even prevent) Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Like any other organ in the body, the brain requires exercise to stay healthy. At the same time, reading helps you relax and regain the motivation to continue working and studying more enthusiastically. It’s like going on a vacation to calm yourself down a bit and then get inspired to do better.

In addition, books that match the mood, Surprising Benefits Of Reading give helpful advice and ways to overcome pressure, and live happily will also be a tonic to help people calm down and recover from stress. mental trauma, or many other diseases of modern society that people are surrounded by such as depression, autism, etc.

7. Longer lifespan

“Reading books prolongs your life.” Do you really believe that? According to a scientific study published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, it has been shown that just 30 minutes of reading a day can increase your life expectancy by two to three years and also improve your quality of life. Life has improved markedly.

8. Improve your writing skills

One of the Surprising Benefits Of Reading that cannot be ignored is that it helps readers improve their writing skills. Our forefathers have a saying “Thunderstorms and storms are not in Vietnamese grammar”. Have any of you told yourself that you can correctly write all the words in the Vietnamese dictionary? I assure you: It’s impossible!!! When you are exposed to literary works, you will be further expanded in terms of vocabulary, and how to observe the rhythm, state, and style of each author’s writing. That will greatly improve your writing style.

9. A completely free form of entertainment

Many people can spend a lot of money buying books just to refer to a few parts of them. But for some people who have no means or a low budget, you can go to the library and immerse yourself in the available book treasure. All issues in life and society that you have never known are updated in new books that you will not be able to read. Not only that, the book will help you relax, relax your mind after a tiring day, and make up for it with work or study.

10. Control your emotions

Anger… Anger…Depressed……You must have experienced these emotions in your daily life. Indeed, reading is a great way to help you regulate your emotions. Books make you aware of what is happening so that you can identify, analyze and accurately view the current situation and state. Thereby, it becomes easier than ever to direct, accept, and navigate your emotions.


Thus, books are a treasure trove of human knowledge, providing us not only with knowledge, but also life lessons, and life experiences, and also an effective means of entertainment. So reading is always something that everyone encourages to do. Try to change your habits by reading books today and feeling it!